Lighten Your Load with a Detox Retreat

With the newness of spring upon us, there is no better time to detox than the March equinox as the sun is directly positioned over the equator, signaling a season of renewal in nature. Make your next holiday a detox retreat and prepare to let go of excess weight, cleanse your body, and emerge as a healthier you.

The modern life is full of opportunities and advancement but also challenges and trials. Most city dwellers work too much, exercise too little, and eat sporadically on the go. Combined with environmental toxins permeating everything from the air we breathe to the foods we eat, our bodies are fatigued and worn. Detox retreats give us a chance to pause, cleanse, and de-stress which boosts our immune systems, releases unwanted waste, and unleashes the storehouse of energy within. In addition to traveling to discover new sights, wouldn’t it be also great to consider a detox trip that helps you unveil a new way of being?

Your health is your wealth: No wealth is more lasting than good health, yet few invest in it. Functioning at peak performance requires stamina, energy, and clarity of mind – all of which are facilitated by proper nutrition, regular exercise, and stress management. Whether for career, family or any other pursuit, a healthier you is an optimal you.

You need support: Most detox retreats involve some form of fasting. However, because abstinence is challenging when surrounded by indulgence, it’s often easier to succeed in solidarity. With a support team available to guide and aid you through the stages of detox and fellow retreaters to share in your frustrations and accomplishments, a detox retreat can give you the accountability and aid you need to complete your cleanse. Additionally, supportive tools like yoga, meditation, massage, and other therapies help to ensure a thorough detox while informational classes and workshops educate you about health maintenance.

You need to know how amazing raw food can be: Though most fasts begin with raw juices, salads, and fresh fruits, they can eventually incorporate meals of raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds that have not been cooked at temperatures high enough to compromise their nutritional value. Green salads might sound disinteresting, but imagine a savory almond cream spread atop dehydrated, crisp crackers; seaweed wraps filled with a carrot pâté or raspberry “cheesecake” with a smooth cashew filling. Your body needs to know the feeling of a raw meal that leaves you feeling energized instead of lethargic.

You need to know what proper elimination feels like: High stress and low-fiber diets are two of the main culprits impeding healthy elimination. Many struggle to relieve their bowels daily, though from a holistic health perspective, you should eliminate once for each meal you consume. Carrying kilos of accumulated waste in the intestines can harbor discomfort and disease within the body, and there’s no better time to rectify this condition than at a detox retreat. Elimination therapies range from noninvasive approaches like abdominal massage and laxatives to more intensive practices like enemas and colon irrigation.

You need to know how good healthy feels: Feeling good in your body frees your mind and heart to do more good than you can when suffering from illness, fatigue, or pain. When your body feels pure and clean, you are in an optimal state for pursuing your life’s purpose and achieving your goals. To fully feel well and whole is an exhilarating euphoria that you can’t buy in a can or on a shelf.

Far East destinations like Thailand and India are popular detox locations due to their long history of yoga and therapeutic massage, but there are excellent regional options that may be closer to home.

LifeCo, Turkey
For an immersive detox that can be as gentle or intensive as desired, a dedicated location like LifeCo in Bodrum is highly recommended. Guests are guided through a thorough cleanse that may begin with juice fasting but ends with gourmet raw foods that are nutritionally and deliciously prepared. Supportive therapies like colon cleansing, sauna and massage, meditation and yoga are offered to guests on a daily basis, as well as coaching to ensure that healthier lifestyle habits follow your detox.

Ubud Sari Health Resort, Indonesia
For a retreat that combines wellness and cultural immersion, Ubud Sari offers a week-long health program in lush Bali that includes juice fasting, massage, and a buffet of alternative treatments such as aromatherapy, colonic irrigation, guided meditation, and spa pampering. Included excursions comprise a Balinese dance performance, sunrise volcano hiking, and sightseeing in the town center of Ubud.

Raw Horizons, United Kingdom
In a private and secluded location, Raw Horizons leads women-only detox retreats in the countryside of North Yorkshire. Offering a combination of life coaching, yoga, meditation, and spa services, attendees can participate in the three-night Juice Detox Retreat or the five-night Happily Healthy Retreat which serves gourmet raw meals for the duration of your stay.

Wherever you decide to detox, prepare your body by restricting caffeine and sugar intake, and increasing hydration and fiber-rich foods. Closely examine your personal health condition and consult with your medical practitioner beforehand. And most importantly, get ready to take the first step in the epic journey of becoming the best version of you.

This article was originally published in the March issue of Skylife Business.

Image credit:  Getty Images Turkey



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