Qatar: Being Evergreen in Doha

Evergreen Organics

In an illustrious waterfront development called The Pearl in Doha, Qatar’s first vegan restaurant has sprouted at the hands of two Qatari vegans. Both Ghanim al-Sulaiti and Jawaher al-Fardan have gathered seeds of wellness and health in their travels abroad and are sowing them into their island homeland. Evergreen Organics, the shared business venture of al-Sulaiti and al-Fardan, only opened in September of 2016 and in less than one year, has attracted the attention of not only vegans but the health conscious and curious alike. At food festivals and pop-up restaurants, Evergreen Organics imports their jungle-themed vibes with lush green foliage, bamboo huts, and fresh coconut water to complement an array of raw and cooked vegan delights.

Evergreen Organics

Unlike other cities, there was no vegan community that preceded Doha’s first vegan café. Fortunately, the two Qatari entrepreneurs who were previously unknown to one another, both had the acumen and vision to open vegan businesses that were planned for adjacent properties. Serendipitously, the two found each other before construction commenced and made the wise decision to collaborate instead of compete. As a result, the wellness powerhouses are creating a space that feels more like an oasis than a movement. There is no confrontational dogma or animal cruelty pamphlets in their space. Their goal is to invite others to taste the beauty and positivity of plant-based eating.

Knowing that veganism comes in all different shades and colors, Evergreen Organics aims for the brightest hue of green and the highest level of health. Their exclusively organic menu features absolutely no processed foods and generously features sprouted nuts, fermented grains, and sugar-free spreads. This high-quality culinary and design aesthetic evidences the touch of consultant Emma Fountain and is perfectly reflected in her second project with al-Sulaiti. In both Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, Vibe is the country’s first vegan café brand. They’re turning heads for their pioneering vision and charitable complement, Good Vibe Foundation, which feeds local school children healthy, vegan lunch meals. Fully understanding the enlightenment that cruelty-free living brings into one’s own life, it is no wonder that service and philanthropy would follow the restaurant’s success.

Having been short-listed for Time Out Doha’s Best New Comer Restaurant Award this year, Evergreen Organics is attracting all the good vibes it is sending out. Right next door, Niya Yoga Studio, owned by al-Fardan, is pioneering wellness through yoga, breath awareness, and mindfulness. Al-Sulaiti just recently released a line of eco-friendly, vegan candles known as Botany: The Vegan Alchemist. Slowly, the idea of veganism is entering the vernacular of Qatar and highlighting that health is the greatest treasure the nation can give to its future.

Evergreen Organics

Evergreen Organics

Qanat Quartier, The Pearl

Mercato, Plazzo 1

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  1. The collaborative idea is one that will increase their products and patrons! Thanks for taking us on your tour of wellness in a beautiful place. Your consistent generosity in providing visual stimulation is very much appreciated. Not only do you enrapture the readers with your heart quipping about eating to live, but you also give encouragement in picture and word form to seek life–not just existent. Life, with all of the nutrients of splendor/nectar pour from your vessel. Thank you again!


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