Turkey: Vegan Detox Retreat at the LifeCo Antalya

Vegan Detox Retreat

Visitors flock to Turkey’s Southern coast for yachting and sunbathing along the Mediterranean Sea, but a select few are drawn to the idyllic location for rejuvenation and renewal.  Housed in the five-star Akra Barut Hotel Resort, you’ll find one of the country’s dedicated detox centers in Antalya.  From as far as the Arabian Peninsula to as close as Europe, LifeCo is a serene sanctuary for all who come seeking a better way of living and a new recipe for life.

After a brief orientation and introduction to the LifeCo philosophy, facility, and cleansing programs, each client is uniquely assessed before their health goals are discussed.  Starting with height, weight, and body composition analysis, the intake procedure proceeds to include live blood examination.  While watching your animated cells dance around a flat screen television, the nutritionist points out both positive and negative indicators of your cellular health.  Recommendations for protocols ranging from a master detox, green salad detox, ketogenic or low-calorie nutritional programs are prescribed alongside daily supportive therapies such as oxygen inhalation, biophoton therapy, turbosonic vibration therapy, exercise, saunas, massage, colon cleansing, yoga and meditation.

Vegan Detox

Once your detox is mapped out for you, be forewarned that there is little time to tour the city. Prescribed raw juices, supplements, meals, and programs are rigorously scheduled.  However, there is adequate quietude to allow for rest and reflection while on the detox journey.  Daily workshops and educational videos empower participants to make long-term lifestyle changes like embracing a plant-based diet, doing raw juice cleanses once a week, and permanently eliminating caffeine, alcohol, and sugar from one’s diet.

Vegan Detox

Attending the detox program as a vegan, I didn’t anticipate as rigorous a regimen as my fellow attendees—some of whom were battling chronic health challenges, obesity, or simply wanting to chart a new life course.  Over the last decade, my own vegan diet has evolved to include more produce than products, more home cooked foods than restaurant meals, and much less soy, sugar, and wheat.  However, even I had to admit that I wasn’t experiencing my optimal level of health and well-being.  With every sip of alkaline water I drank and every amazing raw vegan meal I savored from LifeCo’s Saf Kitchen, I realized that I spend more time thinking about calories, protein, and vitamins than thinking about what my body actually assimilates and is energized by.  On a very fundamental level, we are made of energy and that energy is impacted by what we eat, feel, and experience.  If you realize that your energy hasn’t been what it ought to be, then consider a detox retreat at one of LifeCo’s domestic locations in Istanbul, Bodrum, Antalya or Ankara.  Or, if you’re already further east, visit their new beachside center in Phuket, Thailand.  Though your veganism may be enough for the planet and our animal friends, you owe it to yourself to be your best self and realize your highest potential.

This article was originally published in Vegan Lifestyle Magazine, Issue #33. The entire digital magazine can be downloaded at the following links:

iTunes: http://goo.gl/rDCtRK OR Google Play: http://goo.gl/8yoylB



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